The marriage of renowned actress Maya Ali’s brother was held in Dhoom Dham in Karachi last month, whose photos and videos also went viral on social media. Photos shared with fans on her social media account. Where people liked the bridal couple, Maya Ali’s fans praised her best style. And now a month after the wedding is over, Maya Ali once more Then he took some of his brother’s baraat The photos were posted on Instagram in which she became obsessed with remembering her father.

Maia Ali’s father passed away in 2016, remembering that the actress posted a post on Instagram. Maia Ali wrote that marriage would be that moment. Is where everyone is present and rejoice but Baba you were nowhere, I found you very much, but you were not there to embrace me, then I realized the reality. According to me, you were not the only one, Baba, may Allah grant you a higher place in paradise. They are very loved eating them.


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