Maya Ali, a Corona virus veteran, has requested the government to make special arrangements for daily wage earners. She returned to the United States five days ago to visit Shaukat Khanum for fundraising.

The actress said that when she returned to Lahore Airport she was very upset. She was screened at the airport and Corona was tested. Dara said that the two days she waited for the test report was very painful, where she also suffered from depression and did not get any sleep in the meantime. Test report 2 Day after day which was negative for Allah’s mercy.

The actress said that she knew it was a difficult time not only for Pakistan but for the entire humanity, no vaccine has been prepared for the corona virus so far so we should take care of ourselves as much as we can. They are also afraid of all those who earn income wages and now have no means of living.

Also, a team should be set up to conduct free tests for young families who are also difficult to test. Care for yourself and protect your faith in God; surely Allah is the greatest.


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