Indian singer Ha Neha Kakar shared the image of her new bungalow with her family home on social media. Renowned Indian singer Neha Kakar has posted a photo and video sharing app on Instagram with her new bungalow.

Shared some photos of her old home. Neha Kakar shared the photos on Instagram with the caption: ‘Be the mistress of the bungalow seen in these photos and the other house in the picture is mine. I was born.

‘The Indian singer wrote,’ My In the old house there was only one room and the house was not our own but rented, in which my mother had shaped a table into a kitchen. She wrote, ‘Whenever I see this old house. So get emotional. ”Neha Kakar thanked her brother Tony Kikar, Sister Sonu Kikar, parents and their fans in this post. They also used the hashtag self-med in captions.


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